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Watching Football? Or The Commercials?

Is it called the “Super Bowl” because bowls of food are always involved?

BANTER BITE BACKSTORY: The Super Bowl may be THE most anticipated sporting event of the year, but although Red isn’t a football fan, she used to watch it with her daughter Sawyer before she left for college (Sawyer focused on the game, Red the singing of the national anthem and half-time show); while for Black it’s always been about the commercials, but this year …

As an empty nester, Red hadn’t planned to watch the Super Bowl. There’s an assortment of shows she’d rather watch (all, of course, would include a bowl of freshly popped popcorn). Until she received an email a few days ago from a friend with the subject line, “Popcorners on TikTok,” and included a video that was about two of her favorite things … Popcorners (once she discovered them a few years ago, she became an unpaid spokesperson, touting them to anyone who’ll listen) and the lead characters from Breaking Bad. (Red admits that even though the series is over 10 years old, she’s only recently started watching it, actually, “binge-watching” would be more accurate.)

The funny thing is, for years, Black has always gone to a Super Bowl watch party that was only a handful of dear friends. And while some would “demand” quiet and no side conversations during the actual game, Black would “shhh” people during the commercials. Now, with most of the commercials available in advance, she only does that for her favorite commercials. Although she impatiently awaits the premiere of one commercial,

Given all the controversy over M&M’s and the company’s decision to sideline (pun intended) its spokescandies, supposedly in response to cultural backlash, including changing the green M&M’s shoes, I want to see if it was merely a brilliant marketing ploy. If so, it worked.

At first, Red could not believe the drama surrounding the M&M’s, but now that she started watching sneak previews of some of the Super Bowl commercials, she understands how they’re such an important part of the game. And has decided that she might have to watch the Super Bowl after all. Or, technically, the commercials. With the added bonus of hearing one of her favorite singers, Chris Stapleton, sing the National Anthem.

What’s the cost of avoiding conflict at all costs?

BANTER BITE BACKSTORY: Red will admit that she’s always been an ostrich, although she’s not sure whether it was to avoid dealing with things she didn’t like or to avoid conflict at all costs, but knows whatever position she takes, Black will probably take the opposing side just for the fun of it.

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Beware the Ides of March! That sounds scary. But what is it? And is it a myth or the truth? Red knew it had to with (Julius) Caesar, and the mere mention of “Caesar” made Black question if we were talking about a General, a politician, or a salad. But it does reveal the power of storytelling, and how a good story can last not only decades, but centuries!

Is "The Ides of March" the day Julius Caesar was assassinated, a famous Shakespearean quote, or a George Clooney movie?

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It’s easy to think that Girl Scouts are only about the cookies. But in celebration of tomorrow being National Girl Scout Day, take a moment to remember that they’re about so much more – as the organization was founded with the goal of building confidence, courage, and character. And we strongly support them as we believe girls can do anything!

Of course, you can help support your Girl Scouts by buying cookies, as long as you don’t want the new Raspberry Rally, as they’re already sold out!

Let's play word association. If we say, "Girl Scouts," what's the first word that comes to mind? Ok, what's the second word?

BANTER BITE BACKSTORY: When Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low organized the first Girl Scout meeting – hoping to create an organization that redefined what was possible for girls everywhere – there was no way for her to know the difference it would make in the lives of millions of girls and their communities.

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