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What does summer mean for you?* Longer, hotter days? Perhaps a summer vacation? Or the hope of one, now that the coronavirus is making more things possible. Does it mean more outdoor sports or "summer reads" (maybe the books you deem not serious enough, but a great escape anyway), or a time to chill (pun intended) and just enjoy the season? Or maybe even the "sounds" of summer, like neighborhood kids, ice cream trucks, or Beach Boy songs.

Red's thoughts about summer might bring back wonderful childhood memories for you or even new ideas for this summer. For Black, summer is more of a temperature event than anything else. But it wasn't always that way. Although as hard as it is to imagine Black spitting watermelon seeds, could that be the highlight of this summer? At least, for Red. Of course, if last summer was anything to go by, anything is possible.

It's probably safe to say that we're all hoping to enjoy a more "normal" summer. But, of course, Red & Black have very different perspectives of a "normal" summer. Curious? Then check out this month's column, RED & BLACK … A Summer Rerun?

* We'd love to know "What does summer mean to you?" Email Red (she's the "nice" sister) and you never know, you might be featured in an upcoming post!

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red head

I know I shouldn’t say this, but I can’t stand N95 masks! They make me feel like a duck.


That quacks me up. Regardless, they are much more effective than cloth masks. And, FYI, they do come in different shapes.

I just wish they were more comfortable.
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Popcorn. Just the thought of popcorn makes me smile, makes me want to indulge, makes me happy. And I’m guessing my popcorn obsession makes Black roll her eyes (although she might admit it can be a healthy snack). However, plenty of people must love popcorn as much as I do. Why else would there be a National Popcorn Day?!

Over the past few years, the pandemic posed challenges that none of us could’ve foreseen (and I’ll never forget the dedication of the front-line workers or make light of the sacrifices so many had to make). But part of me has to laugh at the irony because it ended my seemingly easy “escape” from the stresses of life – going to the movies and enjoying the largest bucket of popcorn – when I needed it the most.

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red head

Well, it’s our first column of the year. A new beginning. Any “new” ideas for topics? Something other than New Year’s resolutions.


Is there a reason you do not want to talk about resolutions?

Obviously, yours was not to ask fewer questions.

Black (use0

That will never happen, but you are avoiding the question. Why?


Because every year, I have a long list of things I want to do, and I start strong, but within a few months, I fall back into old habits. Sometimes it only takes weeks. It’s frustrating and disappointing.

Black (use)

Next question. What is the opposite of “old?"
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