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Red, like many parents of a graduating high school senior, can't believe how quickly the years have gone by and knows this summer will fly by and then her little "baby" will be off to college. But while Red was focused more on how her daughter has grown into a young lady and was "compartmentalizing" this portion of Sawyer's life, Black was looking at things differently and focusing on the big picture of her education, recognizing college would just be a step-along-the-way.

While there's no question that graduation is a milestone and worthy of celebration, it's also human nature to think that once you finish your formal education, you're now "done". But Black doesn't think any of us should ever be "done" learning and uses Red being forced to realize that when she was 40+ years old as an example.

On the surface, that might sound like a "negative" example, except Black uses it to point out an essential skill that Red demonstrates that's extremely valuable in the workplace … and in life. In fact, Red didn't realize it even existed (or, at least, had a name), let alone be something she possesses. Adaptability.

The funny thing is since Red's daughter's approaching college with enthusiasm and an open mind, willing to try new things, and welcoming unexpected opportunities, she'll become adaptable without even realizing it. Hopefully, her "learning mindset" will continue after graduation.

And what about those of us who are no longer in school? Well, as Black points out to her sister in "RED & BLACK … Live & Learn," there are many reasons to become a lifelong learner.

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It seems the pandemic has resulted in people “recycling” relationships from their past, and I have already admitted to doing that and then being “ghosted” (the relationship was doomed the first go-round and trying to resurrect it reminded me of why). Although on the surface it may seem rude, there are a few “legitimate” reasons for ghosting, some less obvious than others.

Looking back to decades of dating, a handful of engagements, and two failed marriages, I realized none of them started as friendships. I will also admit that very few started with sparks of passion (I know those fizzle out), but all were analyzed in terms of compatibility. Too bad I was not aware of research indicating the majority of romantic relationships begin as long-term friendships.

This story began as an impromptu business meeting when I asked to speak to the manager of a food franchise I frequented, thinking there might be an opportunity to create a joint marketing opportunity with Red & Black. There was no way to know the attractive man sitting toward the back of the store, who I noticed when I first walked in, would be the district manager.

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Design by Sawyer Pennington, Underlying photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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I can’t believe it’s already May, which means hot and humid weather is just around the corner. All I can say is … ugh.

Black's Head Black

Not a scientific term, but descriptive nonetheless. And, I hate to break the news to you, but the science of climate change and global warming means summers will keep getting hotter.

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I can remember growing up in New York and summers being hot, but not like now. Of course, it didn’t help that Mommy didn’t run the air conditioning until it got into the 90s.
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Black's Head Black

I appreciate that bullet points may not be the typical approach to Mother’s Day, but it seems appropriate to me …
  • Be sensitive to those people whose mothers may no longer be with us, especially given how many have been lost to COVID
  • If you have lost a mother, remember they are always with you – in your heart and in your memories
  • Remember Mother’s Day also includes all those “unofficial moms” and “mother figures” who are like second (or replacement) moms
  • And, last but not least, If you’re a mom, try to enjoy the day by doing something for yourself, as today may be the one day you can get away with it

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This year I write about Mother’s Day with a heavy heart and still much raw emotion, as our mom passed in December. My pragmatic side (yes, that’s usually Black’s area although she did sound somewhat warm and fuzzy above) knows that she had been 94 and led a full life, but that really doesn’t make it any less sad or fill the emptiness. But I find myself, when I least expect it and triggered by the most unexpected things, finding comfort in wonderful memories. And although Black’s first bullet point hits too close to home for me, I’ll try my best to focus on the other bullets.

Wishing all moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!