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Everyone talks about having a plan, but why is it when you look back, you realize that almost nothing went according to plan? (We've been there – done that – and one day may sell the tee-shirts!) And whenever Black tells audiences that life never goes as planned, everyone nods in agreement, and she then proceeds to explain how planning ahead is backward thinking. (Another tee shirt?)

Our business venture is a good example. It started when Black turned Red's crisis into a book – a business – a brand (what are sisters for?!), and planned for the book to be the basis of a sitcom – not take on a life of its own. Black explained to Red, countless times, that successful sitcoms have always been relationship-based. And we had lots of "characters", starting with the cookie-baking, stay-at-home, warm and fuzzy, mom and her older sister, a very pragmatic (and sarcastic) retired business executive who raced Ferraris and likes to ask lots of questions.

But we ended up taking some eye-opening detours on our way to Hollywood. Starting with the education world and then when we thought we couldn't get any further from Hollywood, we found ourselves (well, really, our book) in the world of criminal justice. (Really, you can't make this stuff up … well, you can, but we didn't.)

And today? Well, besides having lots more stories to tell (including how we became "animated"), we're facing the dilemma many of us sometimes face in life … what now? In this month's column, "RED & BLACK … Are Coasting?!," we talk about the challenge of trying to balance the desire to "throttle on" (as Black would say) with having to be patient (not our strong suit) to see where the road (or possibly the next detour) will lead.

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red head

I know I shouldn’t say this, but I can’t stand N95 masks! They make me feel like a duck.


That quacks me up. Regardless, they are much more effective than cloth masks. And, FYI, they do come in different shapes.

I just wish they were more comfortable.
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Popcorn. Just the thought of popcorn makes me smile, makes me want to indulge, makes me happy. And I’m guessing my popcorn obsession makes Black roll her eyes (although she might admit it can be a healthy snack). However, plenty of people must love popcorn as much as I do. Why else would there be a National Popcorn Day?!

Over the past few years, the pandemic posed challenges that none of us could’ve foreseen (and I’ll never forget the dedication of the front-line workers or make light of the sacrifices so many had to make). But part of me has to laugh at the irony because it ended my seemingly easy “escape” from the stresses of life – going to the movies and enjoying the largest bucket of popcorn – when I needed it the most.

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Design by Sawyer Pennington, Underlying photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

red head

Well, it’s our first column of the year. A new beginning. Any “new” ideas for topics? Something other than New Year’s resolutions.


Is there a reason you do not want to talk about resolutions?

Obviously, yours was not to ask fewer questions.

Black (use0

That will never happen, but you are avoiding the question. Why?


Because every year, I have a long list of things I want to do, and I start strong, but within a few months, I fall back into old habits. Sometimes it only takes weeks. It’s frustrating and disappointing.

Black (use)

Next question. What is the opposite of “old?"
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