You don’t have to be a fan of sports to be a fan of sports stories.

BANTER BITE BACKSTORY: It’s no secret that we see things differently, including major sports events; and while Red, although not a huge sports fan, prefers to focus on the athletes, while Black’s “range of interest” extends from the impact of politics to the effect of corporate sponsorship, there’s something about great comeback stories.

Like how the Cincinnati Bengals, perhaps the last team anyone thought would be in this year’s Super Bowl, are playing against the Los Angeles Rams in their home stadium. In Hollywood. Where dreams are made. Now, whether tomorrow’s Super Bowl will be a dream come true for the Bengals or an awakening from a dream to a different reality, there’s no getting around that it’s a great story.

As were the AFC and NFC finals games which were all about comebacks as both Super Bowl teams came from behind to win their conference titles. Not to mention, the Divisional Playoffs were all nail-biters, with each game decided on the final play. (Black’s not a football fan, but she does love statistics and odds.)

And then, since we’re in the midst of the Winter Olympics (we’ll ignore how much the Olympic Games have changed since we were kids), we’ll never forget a story so incredible that it became a movie – the 1980 U.S. men’s ice hockey team, the ultimate underdog, came from behind to beat the formidable Russians in the semi-finals and then took the gold against Finland.

What better proof for all of us that we should never give up because it’s not over until it’s over. Although, if you ask Red her favorite sports “comeback” story, it would be a vivid memory of Black that she told in A Way With Words … And Hockey Players?

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