DAY 6: Well, we almost didn't get our Don't Take Our Word section posted today as we kept stopping to read the comments and feedback we've received, and then struggled to select the first one to post. We'll be posting 2-3 of these every week, so look forward to hearing from YOU! (It's often what keeps Red going when she becomes overwhelmed with Red & Black work.)

Since we've gotten a lot of great feedback from men and women in prisons and jails (and even some parolees and criminal justice employees) who have participated in "Red & Black Personal Finance & Life 101" programs, we're also introducing our About Criminal Justice section today.

In terms of what's in store for tomorrow, we can honestly say that tomorrow's content is not available in any store … or even 'for sale" online.

Stay tuned … still more to come!

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red head

Well, it’s our first column of the year. A new beginning. Any “new” ideas for topics? Something other than New Year’s resolutions.


Is there a reason you do not want to talk about resolutions?

Obviously, yours was not to ask fewer questions.

Black (use0

That will never happen, but you are avoiding the question. Why?


Because every year, I have a long list of things I want to do, and I start strong, but within a few months, I fall back into old habits. Sometimes it only takes weeks. It’s frustrating and disappointing.

Black (use)

Next question. What is the opposite of “old?"
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December’s so festive and full of magic, but it’s also about appreciating family and friends and those lives we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of and, hopefully, touched in a positive way. Which is something we often pay lip service to, because as much as we truly believe it, life has a way of going by in a blur, and before you know it, another year comes to an end.

This seemingly obvious observation became more than just words a few short, or so it seems, weeks ago when Black and I lost our mom. She had lived a full 94 years, but when the time came, it came quicker than expected, which was a blessing for her but difficult for those she left behind. And while Black and I each had a very different relationship with our mom, it has been a challenging time in many ways.

Luckily, the business side of Red & Black could be put “on hold” and Black posted (on our behalf),

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As we welcome 2022 … we wish a happy and healthy New Year to you!