DAY 2: Maybe our tagline should be "real sister. real life. real banter." And, since Red loves to blah-blah-blah and Black always seems to have a different point of view, we expect our Words & Banter section to have something new almost every day. Plus, it's where our monthly newspaper columns will appear.

And, although we knew that much of what we've initially posted was created in response to requests from educators, we realized that much of our About Education section might also be of interest to parents and individuals.

What are we planning for tomorrow? Our Ask Red & Black section.

Stay tuned … we've only just begun!

DAY 10: We're sure that, over time, we'll be introducing more sections. (People keep asking if we've thought about doing podcasts, and we have – but that topic is a post onto itself.) But for now, there's only two more sections to mention:

  • About Business – Interested in working with Red & Black (for example, as part of your marketing strategy, in terms of personal and professional development of your employees, or maybe you're looking for speakers with extensive experience that can address an assortment of critical topics), or maybe you're just curious about our approach to business? Then this section is for you.
  • About Events – We all know large in-person speaking engagements are temporarily "on hold" but years of speaking engagements before thousands of people definitely prepared us for webinars and other online events. To learn more, check out this section.

So, now what? Now that we're done introducing our individual sections, we'll be "feeding the beast"… in other words, loading new content every day!

We hope you enjoy our site and look forward to your feedback. If you need more information on a specific area of interest, please refer to our Contact information, but general comments and feedback can be sent here.

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DAY 9: Black may prefer to look forward, but she'll admit that sometimes we should look back (of course, she has a car analogy, explaining there's a reason why windshields are so much larger than rear view mirrors). Our Memory Lane section will include an assortment of memorable moments and experiences.

It will be a weekly feature (similar to Twitter's Throwback Thursdays or Flashback Fridays), but we haven't picked a day yet. Hmmm, maybe it should be Monday Memories.

We know that along the way we're going to come across some of our favorite media … but until then want to mention our About Media section. Right now, it's just an overview, but before long we'll post our perspective about media (in terms of Red & Black – not the bigger issue; at least, not yet). Over time, we'll expand it to include an assortment of media related items.

Stay tuned … one more "Launch Box" to come!

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We just posted our August column, Red & Black … An Extreme Summer, but don't let the title fool you – it's still relevant! We live in Houston, and although summer's always extremely hot, that wasn't the only "extreme" aspect of the "Summer of COVID-19". As Black points out to Red, even though things now seem very different, there are also many similarities to previous times … just a bit more, well, extreme.