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Don’t Passover These Stories

You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy the story of Passover.

BANTER BITE BACKSTORY: Red, the straight-A student, had the Bat Mitzvah while Black, the troublemaker, rarely went to synagogue – so any guess who knows more about Passover, one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays?

Red learned most of what she knows about Passover from “The Ten Commandments,” a Hollywood “blockbuster” movie from 1956 (older than Black!) which she has seen countless times. (Check your local listings as it’s typically aired during the Passover/Easter season.) It’s the story of Moses, including him leading the Jews’ exodus from Egypt to escape slavery and the unforgettable parting of the Red Sea.It’s the story of matzoh (a cracker-like flatbread) because the Jews didn’t have time to wait for their bread to rise. It’s the story of when G-d struck down every firstborn Egyptian male, the lamb’s blood over the doors of Jewish homes saved their children (the angel of death “passed over” those homes).

As a lover of movies (and popcorn), and a theater major in college, Red explains,

I know “epic” movies shouldn’t be where I learn about religious holidays, but this movie did provide an extremely entertaining and unforgettable explanation of the key aspects of Passover. Although I know the famous director, Cecil B DeMille, took artistic license when interpreting the Bible.

Then there’s Black, who knew what was covered by the movie but also knows the religious significance of Passover. And that it’s about the number four (who equates a religious holiday with a number?!) – four questions, four sons, four expressions of redemption, and four cups of wine. And she remembers some Passover seders (the traditional Passover feast) that felt as if they lasted four hours!

P.S. – This year, Passover, Good Friday, and Easter overlap, which makes all the holidays even more special.

I know a much better way of prioritizing my life, finances + family values. – Angela B.

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The more time passes, the fewer the number of people who remember D-Day happening in real-time (we’re old, but not that old), but the importance and significance of the day are more important than ever …

red headred head

I still can’t believe you didn’t know what D-Day was.

Black's HeadBlack

All I knew was it had to do with World War II and beaches. And, required lots of strategic planning. Remember, I am not a history buff like you.

red headred head

Or a movie buff. There has been an assortment of D-Day movies, and I wouldn’t expect you to have watched the older movies, like “ The Longest Day” with John Wayne, but I figured you’d have seen “ Saving Private Ryan .”

Black's HeadBlack

The Tom Hanks movie? It was a great war movie, but from what I remember, it was about the search for a particular soldier during WWII. Although I remember the opening scene showed the horrors of war. Regardless, I do not get my “history” from movies that might take literary license for the sake of storytelling, even if Steven Spielberg’s movies are mostly accurate.

red headred head

That opening scene WAS D-Day.
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