Just because it’s happening “over there” doesn’t mean it won’t affect us “over here” …

BANTER BITE BACKSTORY: Although Red’s a warm and fuzzy mom who loves history and Black’s a highly pragmatic businesswoman who always says “Follow the money,” when it comes to Ukraine, we’re both highly concerned about the volatile situation, but neither one of us feel like we know enough about the problem even to begin to comment on possible solutions.

Red strongly believes one of the most critical roles that history plays (although she admits her area of “expertise” is Tudor England, not Russia) is to help us learn from the past and, hopefully, not repeat mistakes. But the situation in Ukraine has made her wonder if that only made matters worse,

Why did it get to the point it did? Weren’t there were enough clues, if not military intelligence, to warn the decision-makers sooner? Especially as those “in the know” should have known the repercussions of allowing things to escalate. And what makes this even more frightening is the proliferation of nuclear weapons, which potentially could turn this into a doomsday scenario.

Red always counts on Black to set her straight when she becomes too emotional, acknowledging that it often (ok, usually) clouds her judgment. So, imagine her surprise (and disappointment) when Black’s healthy dose of pragmatism and logic provided no comfort during this uncertain time.

I wish I had some words of wisdom, but I do not even have enough information to comment intelligently. Right now, it is very easy to get to information overload, not to mention start doomscrolling. Especially since there is no shortage of people sharing their thoughts, opinions, and even differing “facts”.

Of course, we do not have a crystal ball, but you don’t need one to see the loss of life will continue to grow, and there will be a heartbreaking refugee crisis, as well as serious economic implications. But if history (and now social media) has taught us anything,

We’re all connected, even though Ukraine may be geographically far away. And people (and governments) may be judged by how we got here, but humanity will be judged by what we do now.

It’s hard to believe the topic of the Supreme Court and abortion could become any more controversial or dramatic. But there was no way to know a draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade would be leaked to the press. A situation so shocking, it’s being compared to the "Pentagon Papers" leak.

Yes, leaks happen all the time in politics – at the campaign level, sometimes from Congress, and even on occasion from the executive branch. But from the Supreme Court of the United States??? Yet as Black said to Red just after it happened,

Nowadays, it is just too easy to have a “leak” as almost everything is just a “click away” from being shared or printed. No clandestine nights at the copy machine are required.

There’s an expression … throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Well, Supreme Court decisions on “babies” (well, technically fetuses) may also impact its integrity.

BANTER BITE BACKSTORY: There’s no question the recent Supreme Court cases involving abortion are controversial and may have a major impact on Roe v. Wade; something that both Red (as a mom to two daughters) and Black (as a highly independent woman who made the conscious decision not to have children) have strong feelings about, albeit focused on two very different aspects.

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