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Forget The Bar Of Soap. Don’t Slip On The Orange.

Shower essentials – soap, shampoo, and … an orange?!

BANTER BITE BACKSTORY: For Red, fad or no fad, eating an orange in a shower seemed silly; while for Black, she could argue both the pros and cons but needed more research.

Red assumed eating an orange in a shower was another one of those unusual challenges started on TikTok that went viral, so was surprised when Black explained it started on Reddit back in 2015. But it seemed harmless enough, although she wondered about slipping on the peels in the shower.

Black saw it as the power of social media to make something as basic as eating an orange into a viral sensation that went mainstream as even “The Guardian” wrote about it, complete with discussions about its pros and cons.

So, with a little eye-rolling, Red admitted she didn’t get it, but that may be because she’s never been a huge fan of oranges, but then looked at it from the perspective of a mom,

I love that eating oranges in the shower avoids sticky fingers and countertops and whatever else you touch, but … isn’t it a bit counterproductive as you still have to clean up all the orange peel and pits once you’re done with the shower?

Black, on the other hand, is a huge fan of sumo oranges, although she thought blood oranges might be a more amusing choice for the shower. Regardless, she had read where people claimed that eating an orange in the shower made them feel happy, and wondered if it was the aromatherapy aspects of the hot water mixing with the orange peels,

I typically use eucalyptus oil in the shower, but in the interest of “research”, decided to test drive the “shower orange”. And, in terms of whether I found a noticeable sensory benefit, all I will say is, try it for yourself. If you derive a feeling of happiness, or it just makes you smile, then … orange you glad you tried it?

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