What does “Red Light Green Light” mean to you?

BANTER BITE BACKSTORY: OK, one simple phrase (“Red light green light”) conjures up very different things – ranging from the childhood game to the deadly game from “Squid Game” (and even an electronic song), but who’d guess that Red would tie it to something practical, while Black went in the amusing (or maybe it’s the sarcastic) direction.

For a while now, Red has appreciated (and maybe would go so far as to say loved) those little red and green lights that you may have noticed in parking lots – from the grocery store to shopping centers to airports. From the very first, she thought how clever they were but also incredibly practical,

No more driving up and down aisles, no more trying to guess where there might be spots, or racing to grab it before someone else did only to find a tiny car or motorcycle already in the spot.

Black didn’t disagree. But thought it would be more fun to share how the concept’s also being used in public bathrooms, and couldn’t help playing off her childhood memories of “Red Light Green Light 1-2-3” and the numbers 1 and 2 (is bathroom humor becoming a theme with us?).

But when Red expressed her relief that Black didn’t get into a detailed analysis of efficiency and business studies, she didn’t realize that she provided Black with the perfect opportunity to change how she’d look at those red and green lights,

Now imagine if whenever you see those red and green lights, which not only help you in terms of time management and reducing stress, you think of how traffic lights can help you find balance in your life.

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