Ok, I may get in trouble with Black for writing this post, but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. So, it all started when Black told me that she was having issues with the clock on her computer. I'm old-fashioned and if I want to know the time, look at my wrist watch. When I suggested that she just do the same ...

she tried to explain how it impacted "time stamps" on emails and documents. It was at that point that it became one of those conversations where I just listened politely, as there was no way that I could add a single thing of value as the topic had to do with computers.

A few days later she let me know that some other issues had come up, so she ended up contacting the DELL service desk. (Disclaimer: Although both of us have used DELL computers for as long as I can remember, this isn't an ad for them.) Anyway, she explains how they ran hardware diagnostics remotely, and while I'm thinking that's kind of cool, I'm also thinking that I'm really busy and wondering if there's a point to all of this? (Ok, now I understand how my blah-blah-blah can make people feel.)

Well, I'm only half listening as she tells me how they'll be sending out a technician, but given the pandemic have numerous protocols. I know she loves bullet point lists, so was relieved when she didn't itemize the protocols but merely mentioned that they're designed to protect their technicians. Yes, all makes sense. Got it. Thanks. Can I please get back to work now?

And then I hear Black say, "The technicians want to keep as much distance from me as possible." Well, when I could stop laughing, all I could say was,

Yes, at some point in time, that's how many of us feel about you.

Because as much as I love my sister, she can be, well, someone that at times you definitely want to keep your distance from. Even my daughters know that. But I'm sure we all have someone in our life like that.

Thank you, DELL, who knew your COVID-19 protocols could provide such amusement?!

Design by Sawyer Pennington, Underlying photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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