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Candy Corn … Perfect Candy Or Perfectly Gross?

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Is there a better Halloween candy than candy corn? It's just perfect – especially the traditional white-orange-yellow ones. Now, I'll admit that I loved them more when I was a child, or maybe I'm trying to convince myself I don't like them as much because they're very sweet. Regardless, there's nothing better than seeing bags of candy corn to say it's fall, which is my favorite time of year. Not to mention, they're a great baking garnish, as to this day, the girls still love turkey cupcakes, with candy corn making perfect feathers, beak, and feet!

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I was hoping Red, the history buff, would have talked about the history of candy corn. That I could have tolerated, but not the taste or consistency of candy corn. It is perfectly nasty. And, as far as it being Halloween candy, I can see that … but because it is a trick, not a treat. It may look good, but looks can be deceiving. But, what I find fascinating is the divisive nature of candy corn (there seems to be no mid-ground, you either love it or hate it) and that there is not even agreement on how to eat it.
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I’ve always been a proud redhead, even though I used to wish that I could tan like those glamorous models in fashion magazines. Or maybe I just got tired of Black’s sarcastic comments about my white skin. Except for the one time when we played a rare round of golf together (see below), which ended up becoming one of my favorite memories! Although I do wish I had known back then about how important it is to protect our skin from the sun … So, now I invite everyone (regardless of hair color) to join us in not only observing Skin Cancer Awareness Month but also celebrating National Sunscreen Day.

I'll never forget the day. It was an "almost" ordinary day out on the golf course with my mom and dad during the heat of a Long Island summer. Now, if "Long Island" conjures up images of stately manors on the North Shore (think "Great Gatsby") or beachfront mansions in the Hamptons (think Robin Leach and his popular show "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"), you can put those out of your head. I'm not talking about some fancy country club golf course, just a regular public course.

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This Mother’s Day, Red will be visiting her best friend from elementary school, both of whom have lost their moms, so they’ll be sharing lots of stories and warm memories. (And since she’ll be in NY, she’ll be “visiting” Mom at the cemetery.) Meanwhile, Red’s youngest daughter is looking forward to having dinner with her second mom … Black!

Mother’s Day is a celebration of moms – those with us and those in our hearts and memories. And that’s why we’re repeating last year’s post (that, and because Black was borderline warm and fuzzy) …

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I appreciate that bullet points may not be the typical approach to Mother’s Day, but it seems appropriate to me …
  • Be sensitive to those people whose mothers may no longer be with us, especially given how many have been lost to COVID
  • If you have lost a mother, remember they are always with you – in your heart and in your memories
  • Remember Mother’s Day also includes all those “unofficial moms” and “mother figures” who are like second (or replacement) moms
  • And, last but not least, If you’re a mom, try to enjoy the day by doing something for yourself, as today may be the one day you can get away with it

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This year I write about Mother’s Day with a heavy heart and still much raw emotion, as our mom passed in December. My pragmatic side (yes, that’s usually Black’s area although she did sound somewhat warm and fuzzy above) knows that she had been 94 and led a full life, but that really doesn’t make it any less sad or fill the emptiness. But I find myself, when I least expect it and triggered by the most unexpected things, finding comfort in wonderful memories. And although Black’s first bullet point hits too close to home for me, I’ll try my best to focus on the other bullets.

Wishing all moms a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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Well, Prince Charles is now officially King Charles III, and it should be very interesting to see how his reign will be vs. the decades of speculating.

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Technically, the moment Queen Elizabeth II died, he automatically became King. Regardless, he has been preparing for the role his entire life.

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Yes, but there’s something about the pomp and pageantry of a coronation that makes it seem like it’s the beginning of his reign. Not to mention, it’s a rare event as the last one in England was his mother’s in 1952.

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The rarity is a monarch ruling for 70 years. Obviously, the next coronation will be in much less than 70 years. If there even is one.
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