We thought this would be the perfect question to run on National Boss's Day.

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Oh yes, definitely! Without question, that would be Black. In fact, on more than one occasion, I've been known to refer to her as The Boss (and I'm not talking about Bruce Springsteen). It's usually me kidding around and saying something along the lines of "I'll have to check with The Boss." (Even my daughters have heard me refer to their aunt that way, and they've never questioned me, so there must be some agreement, at least in my family, about who's the boss.)

To a great extent, it may be because if you were to compare our bios, I don't think my background as a mom prepared me to be a businesswoman, although Black has tried to convince me otherwise. On the other hand, Black's bio makes it painfully obvious she's "all business" so better suited to be "the boss."

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It depends on how you define "boss." If you are referring to who owns more of the company, I hold 1% more than Red, which technically means I have more "authority". And, I will admit that as the older sister, I have more practice being bossy (especially as she has always tried to avoid conflict), but when it comes to business, I value teamwork. Red has a perspective and background very different than mine (that is an understatement!), but the key is acknowledging that – and learning from one another in order to make the best business decisions.

The bottom line is there would be no Red & Black … without Red or without Black. It is truly a partnership.
Some things never change, including what we do or, perhaps, more importantly, don't do on Black Friday. So, we're rerunning last year's post, and even though the pandemic had no impact on our answers, the good news is this year, we have more "freedom" than last year and although Black will be working, Red might "recuperate" by going to the movies (House of Gucci is on the top of her list)!

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Easy question, easy answer. No! I never shop on Black Friday as that's my day to relax and recuperate from my marathon Thanksgiving cooking. But maybe I should have as then I could've escaped all of Black's emails that arrived in my Inbox since she works on Thanksgiving and Black Friday (that seems appropriate).

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I have always worked on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but I do shop online on Cyber Monday. Even pre-pandemic, I try to minimize my in-store shopping for the holidays. Too crowded, too time consuming, too inefficient.

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Putting aside the fact that 2021 looks nothing like 1621 (wow, it's been exactly 400 years since the first Turkey Day!), I think they'd be overwhelmed by the sheer abundance (both quantity and types) of food at the Thanksgiving table and be amazed at the seemingly endless ways to prepare potatoes. I hope they'd be honored, and maybe even marvel, that the feast they prepared to simply give thanks has become a tradition and includes friends and family, and in many ways defines and unites us (even if for just a day) as a country.

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As Puritans, I think they would be shocked by our clothing and lack of modesty. And, they would be confused by all the technology, but that is true of Red, as well. They would probably be disappointed by all the commercialism surrounding Thanksgiving (especially the focus on Black Friday sales). So, maybe we all need to celebrate the holiday as if they are watching us and get back to the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

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FULL QUESTION: I'm reading about lots of air travel delays, should I be worried about holiday travel?

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I hate to say this, but I think the answer is yes. My youngest daughter's a freshman at college, and I was so proud of myself for booking her Thanksgiving and winter break flights months ago (great prices and schedules on Southwest Airlines). Now, I find myself worried that although she may have flight reservations, who knows if those flights will get canceled. And, if so, how much advance notice we'll have.

Of course, the worst-case scenario is I could get in the car and get her, but since it's a 12+ hour trip (each way), it might not work for Thanksgiving since she only has a few days off. So, at this point, I'm trying not to freak out (which is my default setting) and just keep my fingers crossed that the flights stay as scheduled. But I'd be very grateful if she only experiences delays vs. cancellation. Meanwhile, she's already prepared for long lines (for everything) at the airport.

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Actually, I think Red's daughter is doing a better job of handling the situation, both logistically and, perhaps as important, mentally. She recognizes there is not much she can do in terms of delays or cancellations and will deal with it when and if they occur. And, she already planned to leave plenty of time to check luggage (I suggested she leave her guitar at school and just go with carry-on) and go through security. Fortunately, she is booked on a direct flight; otherwise, she would also be concerned with whether there was sufficient time between connecting flights.

But, "all of the above" is in terms of getting home for the holidays, and you did not indicate whether that was your situation or whether you were traveling for business or a holiday vacation. In that case, it becomes a risk-reward analysis starting with why you are making the trip. If you decide to travel, besides the flight issues, you should adjust your expectations and be prepared for different service levels than you might have experienced in the past. For example, most hotels now offer limited hotel services, such as housekeeping or restaurant options. And, if you are renting a car, availability is limited and prices have increased dramatically.