DAY 3: Today, we're happy to introduce Ask Red & Black where we'll be posting YOUR questions (and our answers!) several times a week.

We're starting with the most popular questions asked at various speaking engagements (Q&A is always our favorite part). Make sure to sign-up for "Red & Black Banter" in your inbox (on the "sticky bar" at the bottom of this page), as that's how we'll be inviting you to submit more questions.

So, what else do we have planned? Tomorrow we'll introduce our Learning For Life section.

Stay tuned … much more to come!

DAY 8: We started to call our Videos section "Retro" because initially it will only contain videos created by a high school senior back when we keynoted at YES Prep High School in 2012. (We hope to get all eight of them posted in the next few weeks.)

However, since Black's notorious for looking ahead and working backward, we decided "Videos" would be more accurate … as we have an assortment of ideas for future videos, not to mention interviews and presentations that can be edited into short videos or snippets. (Red's daughter, Sawyer, hopes to make a career in film editing, so this might be a great project for her.)

Although Black prefers to look forward, tomorrow we'll be looking back as we introduce our "Memory Lane" section.

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Created by Sawyer Pennington

Red's Head Red

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were thinking about a new website. Now we're working on it non-stop.

Black's Head Black

Actually, we have talked about a new website for years, but deciding to create this website became a high priority when COVID-19 changed everything – for everyone.

Red's Head Red

No kidding. I was so surprised when educators reached out to us looking for online resources. But what really caught me off guard was when people started telling me my crisis, which happened years ago when my husband got fired, had so many analogies to what they're having to face today.
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DAY 7: To include, or not to include, that was the question. Until we get around to creating a shopping cart (don't tell our accountants or attorneys, and definitely not our mom, as they all keep telling us we need to be focused on revenue), we debated whether to include excerpts from our bestselling book.

We finally decided you should NOT have to buy the book to enjoy or benefit from it, so we're going to publish excerpts that we hope you'll find useful or amusing. Or (ideally), both. So, check out Book Bites for the first of many excerpts we're going to post.

We also have ideas for four or five new books and already have outlines! Now we just need the time to actually write them – or a publisher to put us on a strict deadline. (Interested publishers, please contact Black!)

Watch what we have in store for you tomorrow … as the operative word is "Watch" because we'll be introducing our "Video" section.

So, stay tuned … as, yes, there's still more to come!