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Red's HeadRed

Looking back over the month of September, I'm having a hard time picking my favorite Banter Bites.

Black's HeadBlack

You were a straight-A student, maybe you should just grade them.

Every month I hope that things will get better, whether in terms of the coronavirus, the presidential election, severe weather, the list seems endless. Unfortunately, it just seemed that in September things continued to get worse so I needed positive thoughts and inspiration. Which is probably why these are my favorite Banter Bites this month:
Curious about Black's favorites this month?

    Can we agree to disagree? No, we’re not talking politics – we’re talking pumpkin spice.

    BANTER BITE BACKSTORY: Fall has become the season of pumpkin, or more specifically pumpkin spice; which Red absolutely loves for various reasons while, for Black, besides the fact she doesn’t like the flavor, it just screams, well, MARKETING.

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    In a promise to “never forget” we’re rerunning our 2021 post so that we always remember …

    September 11 is a date on the calendar, but "9/11" is a date in history.

    BANTER BITE BACKSTORY: Much like JFK's assassination was to an older generation (although Black's old enough to be included), we both remember exactly what we were doing when we first heard the news of the attacks on the Twin Towers, Pentagon, and Flight 93; but, interestingly, how we reflect on 9/11 is a bit of a role reversal.

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    Enjoying your favorite TV show and your favorite foods at the same time … what could be better?

    BANTER BITE BACKSTORY: What could be more basic (and nostalgic for many) than the TV dinner, although who would’ve thought something so simple could generate such different reactions from Red & Black?

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