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Red's Head Red

Looking back over the month of September, I'm having a hard time picking my favorite Banter Bites.

Black's Head Black

You were a straight-A student, maybe you should just grade them.

Every month I hope that things will get better, whether in terms of the coronavirus, the presidential election, severe weather, the list seems endless. Unfortunately, it just seemed that in September things continued to get worse so I needed positive thoughts and inspiration. Which is probably why these are my favorite Banter Bites this month:
Curious about Black's favorites this month?

It should be about getting from point A to point B – not worrying about whether it's a life or death decision.

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A year of self-quarantining in the North Pole paid off for Santa.

It may be different. It may be disappointing. But remember … Thanksgiving is about giving thanks.

Meanwhile, we can't help but wonder – what would the pilgrims do?