We all know that when people post quotes or testimonials, it's often a marketing device. But the reality is getting feedback and insight is often what keeps Red going when she faces days of frustration (and piles of paper) with all the work of Red & Black being a start-up company. Every time someone tell her how her crisis, and how she learned to take control of her life, has helped them, it gives her a warm and fuzzy feeling. Black's response?

Great quote. Save it somewhere. And, make a note we need to create a form to make it easier for people to give us feedback – both positive and negative, as how else can we improve?

So, when creating the Don't Take Our Word section of the website, we thought about playing off our tagline "real sisters. real life." and calling it "real feedback." Which, as most things do, got us on a (slight) tangent about "why" (Black's favorite word) Red & Black is resonating with people. And, although that may become a post one day, it doesn't change the fact that we love hearing from those of you that have experienced Red & Black because you speak from a place of authenticity and credibility.

Looking back (which Red loves to do, while Black prefers looking forward), if we had realized the journey we were to take when Black turned Red's crisis into a brand, we'd have saved all the feedback in one place. And Black would have organized it! Instead, we often find it when looking for something else. It has come from "real people" who've looked to Red & Black for their own enjoyment, but also from individuals (educators and students) in school settings, as well as community and religious organizations. But some of the most eye-opening feedback has come from those in the criminal justice world – both on the "inside" and "outside".

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I believe every reader – of every age – who has to make any decision about finances, marriage and family, or personal priorities will learn something of real value. – David S., historian and author, late 60's

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Their story began with the unthinkable calamity of Red's husband being fired. In a panic over her perceived impending financial doom, Red turned to her sister, Black, for a major dose of sisterly sympathy. Instead, Black took her sister back to the basics. – Stacey White, Economics/Social Studies Teacher

Red and Black!! They are exactly that, Red and Black. These two ladies are enthusiastic and are always trying to keep you entertained. – High School Senior