We started to call this section "Retro" because initially it will only contain videos created by a high school senior (Thanks, Aurelio) back when we keynoted at YES Prep High School in 2012. And, at the risk of sounding arrogant – we're still amazed that his videos have been viewed over 800,000 times – and have stood the test of time. (We hope to get all eight of them posted in the next few weeks.)

However, since Black's notorious for looking ahead and working backward, we decided "Videos" would be more accurate. Why? Because we have an assortment of ideas for future videos, not to mention interviews and presentations that can be edited into short videos or snippets. (Red's daughter, Sawyer, hopes to make a career in film editing, so this might be a great project for her.)

And, there's a fun project that's being undertaken by FPP (formerly known as Florida's Prosperity Partnership), but we're getting ahead of ourselves ….

RED & BLACK: Who Are Red & Black?

Not only does he answer that question, but he includes a very unusual family tree to do so in "Who Are Red & Black?"

Curious about the back story on this student-created video?

In 2012, the seniors at YES Prep Public Schools in Houston were reading What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired!, and invited us to be the keynote speakers at their Senior Summit. The theme was "Life Is A Journey" and we used our own personal journeys, as well as the "story" of Red & Black, to talk about many important life lessons.

When one of the seniors, who wanted to pursue a career in media production, learned that the presentation was videotaped by YES Prep, he asked permission to create an assortment of YouTube videos using excerpts from the keynote presentation. Of course, we were flattered and said, "Yes." (Thank you, Aurelio – for asking, and for producing such great videos!)

Stay tuned as we'll be posting more of his videos. Or, better yet, register on the "sticky bar" at the bottom of the page and we'll keep you updated!

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