Everything with us is a story. Several years ago, we were working with a branding company, and one of the team imagined us as cartoon characters. (Thank you, Puneet!) People told us they loved our sisterly banter, so we started doing a single-frame cartoon to introduce our monthly columns. Then we used them on slides at speaking engagements (Black's corporate background taught her how BORING PowerPoint presentations can be, so she refused to have slides filled with words) and people suggested we syndicate them. (Black, of course, then researched syndication.) And we even used them at a pitch meeting with Hasbro. When we started working with an animation company, and saw their version of our "creatures" we decided they needed to be front and center.

So, just about the time we started building our new website, Black suggested to Red we start a daily "Banter Bite" that we could publish on Twitter and Facebook. It could be about something happening in our lives, current events, some obscure fact/study she happened across, the list goes on and on …. Red's reply? (Keep in mind, she's the self-proclaimed queen of blah-blah-blah.) "I'm not sure we'll have enough material to be able to post every day."

The reality? In the beginning, Black humored Red and we didn't do them every day. But Black kept churning them out based on their conversations – and soon there was a large backlog. We decided to publish them six days a week (we believe Sundays shouldn't be spent on gizmos, although that doesn't stop Black from working), and sometimes may even have more than one a day. Some may have a backstory, while others may be prompted by something we've read or heard. Hopefully, they'll all be enjoyable.

School sports may be different this fall – but nothing stops parents from showing their support.

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A good presidential debate is about style and substance. About policy and passion. But it shouldn't be about separating fact from fiction.

If you don't vote, don't complain about the results.