Doing Business With Red & Black

Design by Sawyer Pennington, Underlying photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

COVID-19 changed everything … for all of us. But even before that, it was challenging for entrepreneurs to make their businesses successful, especially on top of the demands that life throws you each and every day. It seems there's always too much to do and not enough time to do it in. Just ask Red – she's often drowning in her "to do" lists, even with Black's time management suggestions. Now we're scrambling to complete this website, and although quicker than we'd usually do something of this magnitude, we're committed to giving our fans, supporters, and especially educators, the information they're requesting. We're not making excuses; we merely want you to know that this website's a work-in-progress.

This section is being developed specifically for businesses – whether small companies or major corporations. We believe Black's corporate, consulting, and entrepreneurial background combined with Red's perspective as a mom, and our combined experience as consumers at differing price points, will provide interesting and valuable insight. We plan to discuss various philosophies and approaches that have served us well, and hopefully will give you food-for-thought, such as:

  • Soft Skills – What Are They & Why Should You Care?
  • Market-Driven Business Strategies
  • Actual Product Usage – Not Product Placement
  • Aligning Our Business Objectives
  • Being Part Of A Team
  • Made In The U.S.A.

Interested in working with Red & Black? Could we be a good fit as part of your marketing strategy? Are you looking for help in terms of personal and professional development of your employees? Need speakers with extensive experience that can address an assortment of critical topics? Stay tuned as we'll be developing sections such as:

  • Brainstorming
  • A Menu Of Ideas
  • Developing a Coordinated Marketing Plan

We'll be updating this section as soon as possible, but initially are focused on educators and what Red refers to as "mere mortals" (she lumps herself in that category). However, if you're looking for something in particular or have any questions, contact Black at