Red & Black & The Media

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Although we've only dabbled with social media and never used a PR company or publicist, there's been an assortment of media coverage on us over the years, starting when Neiman Marcus launched our book. (We still can't believe that happened, but that's another story – maybe even a few – for another day.) Since the book was intended as the basis of a sitcom, we never expected it to take on a life of its own. In fact, we've never really thought of ourselves as authors, and definitely not newsworthy! So you can imagine our surprise when people question why we haven't received more coverage.

Red & Black Perspective On Media

  • RED: Prior to Black turning her crisis into a book – a brand – a business, Red was a stay-at-home mom and she didn't "appear" anywhere. Except, of course, in the school carpool line, the grocery store, the vet's office, or chauffeuring her daughters to various activities. Not to mention the hours she sat at home eating bon-bons, or at least that's what our mom thought (and still does, since Red doesn't have a "real job"). Anyway, for some reason, the media didn't find any of those activities newsworthy. Go figure!
  • BLACK: As always, Black's different. Back in the late 1970s (yes, she's that old), she was one of the few women in business school, and then felt like the "token female" in the oil and gas industry, yet she tried to stay out of the limelight. Fast-forward and Black will be the first to explain that as technology developed and allowed the media to provide audiences with "fast food news" there became a need – almost insatiable – for content as audiences now want a constant stream of information/entertainment. Prior to starting Red & Black, Black kept a "low profile" ... although that can be a challenge when you race a Ferrari.

Now ...

As a start-up company and brand, we know the importance of cultivating media coverage, and at some point, we'll post some of our favorite media – as well as our "Opinion Of the Media" – but for now …

If you enjoy our banter and other content, we'd greatly appreciate you helping us generate more buzz about us – whether via social media, blogs, media contacts, or any other way you think would help spread the word.